Vale David Overend

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The parasitology world as well as others would know or at least know of David Overend.

Sadly he died recently, from bone cancer

(See below)

Stephen L

> Steve,
> Could you use your network to disseminate the following sad news?
> David worked in the Vic Department Lab in Benalla and did a PhD with
> Leo in Armidale on parasite immunity in mice. He also did some resistance survey work.
> Nick S

> From:

> On a sad note I am not sure if you heard but Dr David Overend died
> on 28/12/2009 after a long battle with bone cancer.
> His funeral was on 6/1/2010 at the Springvale Botanical Crematorium
> near Dandenong in Victoria.
> It was a thoughtful service that reflected his truly remarkable
> contributions to both his chosen professions and the many colleagues
> and friends he touched along the way.
> Not sure if the parasitology world know of his passing, but if there
> is a society newsletter it may be nice to pass the info on.
> Kind Regards
> Kate

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Eat Lamb on International Australia Day

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(Preferably worm-free lamb.  See WormBoss and LIVESTOCK HEALTH INCL WORMS pages )


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