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A little history lesson:  

Livestock Health and Pest Authorities [ http://www.lhpa.org.au/about-us ], previously Rural Lands Protection Boards, and before that – for 100 years or so, Pastures Protection Boards – the forerunner of which successfully eradicated sheep scab from NSW in the 19th century, something still not achieved in some sheep raising countries.

Thought for today:

Today’s rooster,

Is tomorrow’s feather duster.

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Dear WormBoss subscriber

Welcome to the May 2011 edition of WormBoss News.

News: The key points for sustainable worm control by Arthur Le Feuvre, editor/collator of WormBoss News.

New South Wales
A new format – your information grouped into your LHPA region.

Still a reasonable amount of worm activity.

Worms are slowing a little, but don’t bet on the cooler weather killing off the challenge.

Western Australia
Recent rain will stir things up, particularly in ewes about to lamb.

Rapid re-infection and recent rain point to plenty of challenges for the future.  Intense worm egg counting is essential!

The wrap – we ain’t out of the woods yet – implement recommended management to get the best out of the season and prices!

The WormBoss team

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