WRML. ‘Spring cleaning” (Vet Talk, The Land). Cost of worms in lambs. Doing DrenchTests.

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WRML.201109271230.’Spring cleaning" (Vet Talk, The Land). Cost of worms in lambs. Doing DrenchTests.

Spring cleaning

Here/attached is a PDF of Vet Talk in The Land last week (22/9/11)

I will be in trouble with Dr Joe Boray because I forgot to mention the spring (August / September) fluke drench that will be needed on some properties in south-eastern Australia. (Although, I DID mention this in a recent WormMail).

Cost of Worms in southern prime lamb production system   (MLA report AHW.045)

The MLA URL is horrendously long: here is a shortened one: http://tiny.cc/xyvfu   (Otherwise search for ‘MLA AHW.045’ in the search engine of your choice).

‘Southern’ here means South Australia/Victoria. The work was done by SARDI (South Australian Research and Development Institute: ie Ian Carmichael, Paul Blackburn et al)

Ian presented information on this topic at the Australian Sheep Veterinarians’ Conference in South Australia recently (September 2011).

Doing a DrenchTest (WECRT)


A protocol has also been written as part of the WormBoss revamp but it is not ‘up’ yet.

*WECRT=worm egg count reduction test, aka FECRT(faecal…….).

NSW DPI is now on Twitter!


Of course WormMail has been on Twitter (and the web) for some time: http://twitter.com/#!/wormmail   ๐Ÿ™‚

Also ahead of the game is SheepConnectNSW – web, blog, Twitter and FaceBook!  ๐Ÿ™‚  ( Like WormBoss News, SheepConnectNSW is well worth subscribing too (you don’t have to tweet)).

This doesn’t mean we are all twits.   I wonder what Roald Dahl would make of Twitter.

Ditch the jargon


"Some jargon is useful as an efficient way to communicate inside a group. But using jargon to sound clever is a way of excluding other people from the group. Our guilty secret is that it gives up pleasure to do this. It reinforces our self-image and makes us seem irreplaceable. It also makes us into tedious, incomprehensible windbags.

Tim Phillips, author"

Internet Explorer Users are Dumber? Hoax?


(NSW DPI uses IE….and version 8  ๐Ÿ™‚   The above study must be a hoax….   )



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WRML.20110909.SheepConnectNSW Update -Yass -17 August – PDFs of talks now on-line

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WRML.20110909.SheepConnectNSW Update -Yass -17 August – PDFs of talks now on-line

SheepConnectNSW ran an Update for Sheep Producers recently (17 August 2011) at Yass.

It was a great success, with 185+ attendees and a good and varied program. Outside it was raining steadily, so the day was doubly good.

(Major kudos to SheepConnectNSW Coordinator Shelly Anderson and team, incl. the local DPI people at Yass).

The presentations are now online at the SheepConnectNSW website.

See here:   http://www.sheepconnectnsw.com.au/event.html?eventId=324

Even talks that weren’t about worms were very worthwhile.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the worm talk:


I believe audio for each talk will also be on-line soon. (‘Not sure if that is a good thing or not :-).

BTW, Phil Graham (DPI Yass) issued a worm warning for weaners for the area. See here:  http://www.sheepconnectnsw.com.au/blog.html?blogId=6

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