WRML: WormFaxNSW-November 2011; graziers’ alert – wormy weather ahead!

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WormFaxNSW-November 2011

The November issue is online.


Below are ‘highlights’.


(With thanks to Craig Bratby (web services) and Kathleen Cooper (Technical Officer, Parasitology, EMAI) (NSW DPI), and to the staff at Veterinary Health Research, Armidale).

Graziers’ alert – wormy weather ahead

Below is a recent release in light of terrific (horrific?) conditions for roundworms of livestock. The material will also be presented in various radio interviews this week.



(With thanks to Bernadette York for wordsmithery etc)

Vet Talk Column – The Land Newspaper, Dec 29, 2011

This edition of Vet Talk will be along similar lines – but with more detail – to the DPI media release above.

Seasons Greetings

This may well be the last WormMail for 2011.

Best wishes to all WormMail readers for Christmas and the New Year.



WRML: Copy of presentation at Bega field day 29 Nov 2011 (worms of sheep, cattle, goats, alpaca)

Love S.2011-11.worms-sheep goats cattle alpaca[bega].pdf Download this file

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WRML.2011-12-07. Copy of presentation at Bega field day 29 Nov 2012.worms of sheep cattle goats alpaca

The Bega-Cobargo Vet Hospitals (south coast, NSW; principal: Dr Peter Alexander)) ran a ‘worms of livestock’ day recently (29/11/2011) at Bega.

It was a very well run day (thanks to Dr Helen Schaefer and colleagues), and well supported by  Cobargo Co-op, Southern Farm Supplies, and South East LHPA (Dr Ian Lugton, and Anita Burgess)

120 people attended.

A copy of the presentation is available at:


or the mirror site at:


In case you have trouble with those, I have attached the presentation as well. (To be sure, to be sure  đŸ™‚  

Hopefully it will be of some use.