WRML: Haemonchus contortus – barber’s pole worm – what’s in a name?


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WRML.20120807.Haemonchus contortus – barber’s pole worm – what’s in a name?

‘No time for a ‘proper’ WormMail right now, so here is an interesting little aside (well, I think it is interesting) regarding Haemonchus contortus – barber’s pole worm.

Below/attached is a slide from a presentation I am doing for goat producers in western NSW later in the week. [http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/aboutus/news/recent-news/agriculture-news-releases/where-goats-are-going  ]

(I knew about barber’s poles, but not their background).

As to "Haemonchus", it means ‘blood spear’ (source: Georgi’s parasitology). Classicists among you would have known that already.

‘Contortus’ is self evident..