WRML. WormBuster Laboratory — closing down March 2013

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It saddens me to advise WormMail subscribers that the Queensland Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) ‘WormBuster (Parasitology) Laboratory, headed by well-known parasitologist, Maxine Lyndal-Murphy, is slated for closure in March 2013.

This is directly relevant to those ‘WormMailees’ who use the WormBuster lab.

More broadly it is a great loss to others in Australia – and further afield – involved in worm control in ruminants – whether as farmers, advisors or other – as Maxine and colleagues have, over many years, made a substantial contribution to worm control in Australia.

Queensland’s WormBuster lab, with Maxine at the helm, along with the WormBuster sheep worm control program, kicked off in the late 1980s. This was just a few years after its NSW counterpart, WormKill, was launched in northern NSW, by CSIRO scientist Keith Dash and others, in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture, LHPAs (then Pastures Protection Boards), producer groups, pharmacos and other players in the private sector.

As with WormKill in NSW, I am sure WormBuster was a team effort with a number of participants (including Le Feuvre and others), but I am told that the late Chris Baldock said, if he was the architect of WormBuster, Maxine was the builder.

Maxine also contributed to WormBoss, and has been actively involved with its recent update (due for release within a few months).

I believe the staff at the WormBuster lab will have their employment terminated when the lab closes in March. I understand also the veterinary laboratories at Toowomba and Townsville will be closed too.

There are a number of real pluses in my job. One of them is excellent people I work with within NSW DPI, and also in other sectors and states. Maxine, one of the quiet achievers, is one of them. I often ring her for information and her opinion, mostly on matters parasitological. She has been most generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. I will really miss this, as will many others.

On a lighter note, Maxine, still with a sense of humour intact, referred me to this website about a sheep invasion:




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