WRML. WormFax December 2012 on-line. OJD fight gets ugly

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December is online.


WormFax is a monthly summary of sheep WormTesting data supplied by NSW DPI’s State Vet Lab (Menangle) and VHR (Armidale).

Don’t guess, WormTest! And if you do drench, consider a DrenchCheckDay10 (Day 14 in cattle).

OJD fight gets ugly

A bit different and not worm-related:

Prof Peter Windsor of Sydney University who, with his team, has done a lot of research on OJD, appears to be ‘copping a bit of stick’ for citing evidence from research in the discussion regarding OJD policy.


Quote of the day

‘Not sure where I fit in this schema:





WRML.20130111. Dawbuts 2012 Special Edition Newsletter – Cattle Anthelmintic Resistance

Re-sending this as, on 9th Jan., I inadvertently attached a large version of the PDF. (>8mb), which meant the newsletter bounced for many of you. This PDF attachment is ~ 765 kb (Thanks PK).

WormMail mailing list. WRML.20130109 WRML.20130111. Dawbuts 2012 Special Edition Newsletter – Cattle Anthelmintic Resistance

Dawbuts recently released a Special Edition 2012 newsletter, on cattle anthelmintic resistance:

“Cattle anthelmintics snapshot – Australia vs USA – The effectiveness of anthelmintics in feedlots” – Alison Smith, Matt Playford, Matt George and Sally Oswin.

You can find it at: http://www.dawbuts.com/newsletters

(Check out other editions of the Dawbuts newsletter while you are there).

It covers a lot of the issues we have talked about recently in WormMail, including drench resistance and the effect of route of administration of cattle drenches on efficacy.

Some of the references cited are peer-reviewed, others are not. (Which is often the case with this newsletter as well. Exercise judgment as appropriate).

It’s very interesting reading!
I have also attached it as a PDF.

(Forwarded with permission).

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http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/aboutus/resources/periodicals/newsletters/turning-the-worm [Turning the Worm (Issue 22, Dec 2007)

Dawbuts – what’s in a name?

As some may know, Matt Playford lived for some time in Japan (he did his doctorate there). ‘Dawbut’ sounds like the Japanese word for ‘animal’




dawbuttsCattleResistanceEdition small.pdf