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The January issue of WormFax is on-line.

For a summary of sheep WormTest results and explanatory notes see:


Over the last month, the eastern quarter of NSW, especially the north-eastern corner, has got above average rain, 150-200% of average in places. The rest of the state has tended to be below average rain wise. But the 2-3 months before that saw most of the state getting below average rain.

Worm eggs, not least Haemonchus (barber’s pole worm), prefers smaller falls frequently (e.g. 15 mm plus per week) rather than big falls once every blue moon. Much of the rain of late – for those areas getting it – has come as big falls with storms. However, with follow up rain, worms could become an issue more generally, despite the slow start to the season worm-wise.

Even though worm egg counts around the state have generally been low to moderate, there have been some flocks in many districts returning reasonably high egg counts – for example, WormTest averages up around a few thousand eggs per gram (usually but not always mostly Haemonchus), with some individual animals with counts up to 17,000.

So, while WECs might be generally low in your district, or on the property next door, you still might get caught with your pants down (so to speak).

As to liver fluke, there has been a decent smattering of positive tests for liver fluke eggs in the traditionally flukey districts. Perhaps sheep are moving into ‘flukey ‘areas on some farms chasing green pick if conditions have been dry.

In short – yes you’ve heard it before – Don’t guess, WormTest. You might avert a disaster, or you might save yourself some unnecessary drenching, and selection for drench resistance. And of course, if you do need to drench, do a DrenchCheck 10-14 days after the drench. And you’ve heard this before too: the most expensive drench is the one that doesn’t work.

More information

WormTest: http://www.wormboss.com.au/tests-tools/tests/checking-a-mob-of-sheep-for-worms.php

DrenchCheckDay10: http://www.wormboss.com.au/tests-tools/tests/checking-for-drench-resistance.php

Zoetis, formerly Pfizer Animal Health

Pfizer Animal Health is now Zoetis.




I am told that, from the beginning of March, Infopest will be available FREE on the web, supported by ads and sponsorship. No more DVDs or paid subscriptions.

When launched, you will need to go to www.infopest.com.au and log on with email and password. Labels, permits and MSDSs will be accessible; and continuously updated.

The actual launch date for the new platform has yet to be announced by GrowCom.

Another source of information on vet and ag chemicals: PUBCRIS at APVMA: www.apvma.gov.au

Of course WormBoss has a great drench database relating to sheep. www.wormboss.com.au




WRML. WormBoss can help

To: WormMail list.

WormBoss can help

Stephen Love, Veterinarian/State Coordinator-Internal Parasites
NSW DPI, Armidale 19.2.13

I am biased of course, but the NEW, revamped WormBoss, launched on 21.11.12, is great. Have you had a look?

We ‘experts’ keep rabbiting on about WormTesting, for example. Regular worm egg count monitoring is one of the cheapest, best and least utilised tools for smart worm control in sheep. (Don’t guess, WormTest).

But, what is WormTest, and how do you go about it? The section in WormBoss on this tells you all you need to know.

Go to wormboss.com.au and click on ‘Test and Tools’.

If WormTest and the Drench Decision Guide say you need to drench, where can you get unbiased, reliable info? For drenches, click on – yes, you guessed it – ‘Drenches’. For Drench Decision Guides, go to ‘Your Program’.

When you do drench your sheep, we or other advisors will then badger you about checking to see if the drench actually worked, just like my dentist does about flossing my teeth. Remember, the most expensive drench is the one that doesn’t work.

So, how do you do it? (doing a DrenchCheck, I mean, not flossing your teeth, although maybe we could add a section on that as well).

To learn about DrenchCheck go to ‘Tests and Tools’, then look under ‘Tests’.

What program is appropriate for your district? ‘Your Program’ on the front page of wormboss.com.au is the place to go. By the way, these regional worm control programs can be saved as PDF files, or printed (as can the Drench Decision Guides). The main part is about a dozen pages in each case, plus another several pages of really useful info in appendixes.

Who put these programs together? The WormBoss team with major input from top guns in each region of Australia, including parasitologists and vets from universities, the private sector, such as consultants and pharmaceutical companies, and the public sector including state departments of agriculture, and, in NSW, veterinarians from the Livestock Health and Pest Authorities.

What you have here is the best advice on best practice, presented in an attractive and user-friendly way.

There is more! I have only given a few examples here. Take WormBoss for a test drive yourself.

I love the NEW WormBoss. You will love the way it can save you bucket loads of money and angst.

WormBoss News

The next monthly edition will be out soon. Have you subscribed? Subscribe at wormboss.com.au