WRML. Closure of the WormBuster Laboratory, Queensland (government cut-backs)

‘A note from Arthur Le Feuvre, one of the WormBoss Team re Maxine Lyndal-Murphy and the Qld WormBuster Lab:


The WormBuster lab will be closed on the 28 th (Thursday) March (tomorrow) and Maxine, Judy and Wayne made redundant.

I think you would all agree that Max and her crew have done a sterling job over the last 20 odd years.

In that time they have provided the QLD sheep and goat industries with invaluable advice and recommendations on improved worm management in the Qld environment. They have also made a significant contribution to National knowledge."

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WRML. *Barbervax for Barber’s Pole Worm *District Vets Conference Armidale NSW *WormFax

To WormMail list (recip. undisclosed. ~ 400 subscribers)

Barbervax for Barber’s Pole Worm

Dr David Smith gave an update on progress with Moredun Institute’s vaccine for Haemonchus in sheep at the recently held District Veterinarians Conference.

A copy of the abstract is attached with permission.

Source: http://www.moredun.org.uk/staff/dr-david-smith

95th District Veterinarians Conference, Armidale NSW 18-21 March 2013

‘An excellent conference and one example of the great service that LPHA District Veterinarians provide to primary industries and regional NSW.

Attached is a copy of the program. The papers should be up on the Flock and Herd website by the end of April. If I think of it, or I am prodded, I will remind you then.


Attached is WormFax for February. ‘Some high egg counts around the traps.

After a relatively dry spring and early summer in many areas, exacerbated by above average temps, there has been quite a bit of rain since mid-January, especially in summer rainfall (northern) parts of NSW.

This should be up on our website soon, where you will also find previous issues, plus explanatory notes. http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/aboutus/resources/periodicals/newsletters/wormfax


I seem to recall Novartis means ‘new art’ or ‘new skills’, but Zoetis? (the new moniker for Pfizer Animal Health).

Lee Taylor (of Zoetis) told me at the DVs Conference that Zoetis means ‘pertaining to life’.

And here is the blurb from the Zoetis website [ http://www.zoetis.com/about

‘Our name, Zoetis (z-EH-tis), has its root in zo, familiar in words such as zoo and zoology and derived from zoetic, meaning pertaining to life. It signals our companys dedication to supporting the veterinarians and livestock producers everywhere who raise and care for the farm and companion animals on which we all depend. ‘




LHPA abstract 2013.docx
WormfaxNSW February 2013.xls

WRML: The good oil on goat worms | Infopest | Sundry and various

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The good oil on worms. Maxine Lyndal-Murphy and the Wormbuster lab. Infopest now free on-line. Other sources of info on drenches (WormBoss; PUBCRIS). Record-breaking summer. Posterous to die. FREE compactus!. "Australian" not a racial slur. Fibre causes constipation?. Flight radar.

The good oil on goat worms

Here are two useful documents on goat worms.
One is by Maxine Lyndal-Murphy. I can’t find it on the MLA website, so I have attached it.

This is just one of the many useful things Maxine has done.

Maxine, assisted by her staff at the WormBuster lab, have made a great contribution to livestock parasitology in Australia over the years. Alas they are victims of Qld government cuts. Their employment ends on Friday 29 March. (Yes, Good Friday. Ironic).

Maxine and colleagues are greatly appreciated and will be sorely missed.

The other goat worm doc. is by Stephen Walkden-Brown and others:

Breeding Fibre Goats for Resistance to Worm Infections -Gastrointestinal, nematode or helminth. By S. Walkden-Brown, B. Sunduimijid, M. Olayemi, J. Van Der Werf and A. Ruvinsky (School of Rural Science and Agriculture, University of New England) and L. Le Jambre (CSIRO Livestock Industries) April 2008 RIRDC Publication No 07/184 RIRDC Project No UNE 69A ISBN 1 74151 579 3 ISSN 1440-6845.

It is retrievable from: https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/items/07-184

Even if you have little interest in aspects of breeding for resistance, the mini-literature review at the front of the doc is good reading.

Infopest – Agvet solutions are now free online!

Growcom sent me this information yesterday (11 March 2013):

"Thank you for your interest and support of Growcom’s Infopest on DVD, the most comprehensive database of all nationally registered agricultural and veterinary chemical products, off-label permits and their uses in Australia.

Now, Growcom, is delighted to announced that as of today Infopest is free online at www.infopest.com.au

This great news means increased flexibility about where and when you can search the database. Plus no more expense and no more waiting for three monthly updates.

Infopest remains a user-friendly database of all nationally registered agricultural and veterinary (Agvet) chemical products, approved Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) off-label permits and their uses.

It is still the recognised go-to tried and trusted resource for helping Australia’s primary industries and other agencies achieve disease and pest free produce and animals.

Growcom is still committed to maintaining and enhancing the benefits of the database for its customers long term. A team of people at Growcom’s Brisbane office input the updated data as and when it arrives.

Your search results are still downloadable to your computer to store as an Excel spreadsheet for however long you like.

The only difference is now this service is completely free online.

To register for Infopest free online, please visit www.infopest.com.au. For more information please call us on 1300 367 911.

Here’s to improved disease and pest control with Infopest free online!"

Other sources of info on drenches

WormBoss of course (sheep drenches at least): http://www.wormboss.com.au/drenches.php

PUBCRIS at APVMA: www.apvma.gov.au

Records tumble during a blistering summer


Posterous will be dead soon

For a while I have been posting copies of WormMail to WordPress as well as Posterous.

Twitter bought Posterous and are now killing it off. Good old Twitter.

Free compactus anyone?

A note from our Office OIC, Glen Henderson:

"We no longer have a need for two compactus units (see pics). I’m giving them away for ………FREE.

These units are great for storage if you have the space in a large garage or shed.

Location NSW Trade & Investment – Off Site Store
Cnr Bundarra Road and Mott Street, Armidale NSW 2350
Contact Glen Henderson Ph: 02 6738 8502 or e: glen.henderson@industry.nsw.gov.au

The units are undamaged and are in good working condition. Length 4.20 metres, Width 2 metres, Height 2.20 metres."

British woman cleared over ‘fat Australian’ rant


"A British woman convicted of racism after calling her New Zealand-born neighbour an Australian has had her name cleared.
Last November, Petra Mills was arrested after calling her neighbour a "stupid fat Australian" during a drunken tirade on her front lawn.
The neighbour, Chelsea O’Reilly, says Ms Mills knew she was born in New Zealand but used the term "Australian" to offend her.
Ms Mills was charged with racially aggravated public disorder and fined $162.
However, the local court in the city of Chester has overturned the decision, ruling that using the word "Australian" is not a racist slur*.
Ms Mills has since moved to north Wales to escape the embarrassment caused by her conviction." (Thanks Joy 🙂

(* However "Kiwi" may be 🙂

Dietary fibre a cause of constipation and other bowel symptoms?


Flight radar

http://www.flightradar24.com/ (Many thanks to Kenny Kayak for this pearl).





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Lyndal-Murphy et al 2007 options parasite control Australian goat industry MLA Final Report.pdf