WRML.Hume (southern NSW) drench resistance tests-sheep-Amy Shergold. Last days for LHPAs.

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Attached are results from Dr Amy Shergold for worm egg count reduction tests (sheep) performed across the Hume region of southern NSW (Wagga, Gundagai, Albury etc).

Amy is a district veterinarian with the Hume LHPA: http://www.lhpa.org.au/districts/hume

Also attached as a PDF are excerpts from a presentation done at Cowra recently which summarises other recent drench resistance testing (sheep) in various regions of NSW, along with a recent overview of the situation Australia-wide.

Source: http://www.lhpa.org.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/279245/Hume_LHPA_A4_Div_map.pdf

Livestock Health and Pest Authorities will be absorbed (if that is the correct word) into the new Local Land Services in the coming months: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/locallandservices

LHPAs were previously known as Rural Lands Protection Boards, and before that, Pastures Protection Boards (for 100 years or so). They had their genesis in the NSW sheep scab eradication campaign of the 19th century, quite a remarkable achievement in my opinion.

See https://wormmailinthecloud.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/wrml-history-of-pastures-protection-boards-plus-other-incl-climate-dogs-and-ectoparasiticides/



Shergold-Amy. 2013-07.Hume drench resistance tests-sheep- paper.pdf

Love S.201305-update worm control sheep ASAP-SheepCRC seminar Cowra – excerpt.pdf

WRML.20130729. WormFaxNSW-June. Celebrity parasitologists from NZ. Hume WECRT results (Shergold) to come.

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WormFax NSW June 2013

The latest issue of WormFax NSW (a summary of WormTest results from two major labs in NSW) is online.


Celebrity parasitologists from NZ

Perhaps the first in a photo-series, here is a picture of Dr Paul Mason, now a consultant livestock (and other?) parasitologist, from New Zealand. (circa 1980s, 1990s?)

Image courtesy of DM Leathwick. Photo used with permission of Dr Mason.

Coming up – Hume (southern NSW) drench resistance trial results from Dr Amy Shergold.



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