WRML. 1 Update: Anthelmintic resistance of cattle worms in NZ. 2 DPI Cattle Methane Team selected as finalists for the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes 3 Gross margins 4 Sugar toxic?

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In this issue: WRML. [1] Update: Anthelmintic resistance of cattle worms in NZ. [2] DPI Cattle Methane Team selected as finalists for the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes [3] Gross margins [4] Sugar toxic?

Anthelmintic resistance of cattle worms in NZ – update (Leathwick)

Following on from the last WormMail: https://wormmailinthecloud.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/wrml-resistance-of-cattle-worms-graham-centre-beef-forum-csu-wagga-wagga-9-august-2013-and-more/

Dr David Leathwick’s group at Agresearch, Palmerston North, NZ have now confirmed, by slaughter study, macrocyclic lactone (ML) resistance of Ostertagia ostertagi (small brown stomach worm) on three farms in the North Island. At least two of these are also benzimidazole (BZ) resistant based on a faecal worm egg count reduction test. (D Leathwick, pers comm, 15/8/13. Used with permission).

Efficacy of cattle drenches and route of administration

This has been discussed recently in WormMail: e.g. https://wormmailinthecloud.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/wrml-efficacy-of-oral-injectable-and-pour-on-formulations-of-moxidectin-against-gastrointestinal-nematodes-in-cattle-in-new-zealand/

Kiwi researcher DM Leathwick recently added this insight: ‘No doubt the Aussies can come up with a way to deliver underarm? ‘ (With this sort of lateral thinking, things can’t be all black).

Whatever is most effective, I say. You can’t afford to play nice with worms. đŸ™‚

DPI Cattle Methane Team selected as finalists for the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes


It’s August – don’t forget liver fluke http://www.wormboss.com.au/worms/flukes/liver-fluke.php http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/livestock/sheep/health/liverfluke-disease-sheep-cattle

Livestock Gross Margins – NW DPI

This is very useful information. Check it out: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/farm-business/budgets/

The sheep enterprise information has been updated recently (by Wagga Wagga-based Development Officer (Sheep Performance), Geoff Casburn (a proven performer himself)) and should be up on the website in a week or so.

Is sugar toxic? (thanks JL)




(sugar addict)


WRML. Resistance of cattle worms – Graham Centre Beef Forum CSU Wagga Wagga 9 August 2013, and more

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[ Drench resistance of Australian cattle
worms. Hormones in beef and other furphies. August – think fluke. Omega
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Last Friday (9th Aug) the Graham Centre held a Beef Forum.

For more information on the Graham Centre, the agenda for the forum, and links to speakers’ PowerPoint presentations, go to this link:

Also attached is the ‘resistance’ paper, a very brief overview of resistance of cattle roundworms and liver fluke in Australia.

In the paper I mention how you can check the efficacy of the drench you just gave. You can also get assistance from various quarters, including your private vet, LHPA vets/rangers, rural re-sellers (agribusinesses), and pharmaceutical companies.

Merial (Dr Vanessa Watson and colleagues), for example, are currently surveying cattle herds for drench resistance and I believe are still looking for cooperators. Contact info: http://www.merial.com/EN/ContactUs/Pages/LatinAmericaOceania.aspx

Question: from whence was the first reported case (according to Overend) in the world of resistance of liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) to triclabendazole?

Hormones in beef and other furphies

‘Something that stuck in my mind from Emma Whittaker’s talk on HGPs: an egg has as much oestradiol 17 beta as 77 kg of HGP-treated beef.

(Here is a reference: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/livestock/beef/husbandry/hgp/q-and-a#What-are-the-hormone-levels-in-beef-from-cattle-given-HGPs? )

And, I have been told that, relative to meat from HGP treated animals – there is a whole lot more in the way of oestrogens in cows slaughtered post-partum or in various parts of the oestrus cycle. ‘Makes sense really.

But, back to eggs: to avoid the feminising effect of an egg at breakfast, I should eat large amounts (up to 77 kg) of beef instead?

(Perhaps I should just eat lots of soy-based products – and be loaded up with phyto-oestrogens instead? Plant-based diets are necessarily nutritionally better than what omnivores eat, right?).

Don’t tell anyone about the hormones (e.g. bovine insulin) in milk (Yes, there are hormones in milk. Significance?).

Hormones in chicken? Well, the average joe/jill believes that intensively raised chickens are given hormones, which hasn’t been the case in Australia for decades.

‘Permeates’ and milk?: another furphy. (Actually, I believe beer has estrogenic effects….)

By the way, lest you think I am knocking vegetarians, I have a lot of respect for conscientious/thoughtful vegetarians, even if I don’t necessarily agree with all their views. And if you read (one-time vegan) Lierre Keith’s book (The Myth of Vegetarianism), you’ll find a lot therein that is confronting for omnivores (not least males) as well as vegetarians.

(‘Just trying to be evidence-based….)

It’s August – think fluke

Do you need to treat and / or test your livestock for liver fluke? The key months for this in SE Australia: April, August. February.

See: http://www.wormboss.com.au/worms/flukes/liver-fluke.php ; http://www.wormboss.com.au/files/pages/worms/flukes/liver-fluke/Prime_Fact_446___Liver_fluke_disease_in_sheep_and_cattle.pdf ; http://www.wormboss.com.au/files/pages/worms/flukes/liver-fluke/Prime_Fact_813___Liver_fluke_the_basics.pdf

Omega 3s and prostate cancer – an exercise in interpreting the literature, and the media’s interpretation of the literature

You might recall the news some weeks ago that gave the impression that if you consume omega 3s (indeterminate amounts) you had a greater chance of dying of prostate cancer (unless you are a woman).

Men everywhere were gagging on their fish oil capsules.

This British medico reflects on this: http://www.drbriffa.com/2013/07/16/my-take-on-the-fish-oil-and-prostate-cancer-study/ It is an example of pitfalls in interpreting scientific studies, especially epidemiological ones.

Praise for Lance Armstrong

See attached/pasted JPEG.

WormMail and WordPress

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‘Smart people.

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