WRML: ‘WormFaxNSW’ Dec 2013.

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WormFax is a monthly summary of sheep WormTest results from around the state (NSW), with data supplied by two of the major labs: the NSW DPI State Vet lab at EMAI, and the Veterinary Health Research lab at Armidale.

Latest edition of WormFax is now on the web.


With continuing dry conditions across much of the state, worm egg counts generally are low – but there are exceptions.

Keeping up regular monitoring of sheep worm burdens by way of WormTests is still important during dry times, so that

* you don’t get caught with unexpectedly high worm burdens. Some will and are getting caught-especially if unwittingly using ineffective drenches.

* you don’t drench unnecessarily. Drenching unnecessarily in dry times – apart from the short term costs of labour and drench – also has the longer term costs associated with increased selection for drench resistance.

If you do (need) to drench, check drench efficacy post-treatment with a DrenchCheckDay10.

Keep an eye out for the January edition of WormBoss News (or just subscribe!) which will give you more detailed information from around the traps.

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