WRML. What does ‘strongyle’ mean. Other: gluten, cancer cells, beer and multitasking

WRML.20140205. 1. What does ‘strongyle’ mean. 2. Other: gluten, cancer cells, beer and multi-tasking.

1. What does strongyle mean?

In the dying days of 2013, I tried to nut out exactly what ‘strongyle’ means. Here is what I have come up with so far (See attached PDF).

2. Other

Is coeliac disease the tip of the iceberg?


Exploiting cancer’s metabolic quirk?


(First posted at: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2014/01/28/cancer-treatment/)

How to make cheap beer

1. take some root beer

2. put it into a square mug.


I sometimes have the bad habit of trying to multitask. A colleague of mine, a well-known parasitologist, told me that studies show that individual tasks are performed relatively poorly when done together with other tasks (multi-tasking).

I asked my friend if this then means that women, who are reputedly adept at and frequently do multitasking, actually tend to perform tasks more poorly. My friend (gender not disclosed) agreed without hesitation. Given that saying such a thing suggests my friend has some sort of death-wish, I , even I, am not going to disclose his/her name. (Anon, pers comm).



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Love S. Strongyle and Strongyle eggs -what strongyle means.20140205.pdf