Vale Dr Boray

Dr J C (Joe) Boray died last Sunday (8th July 2018) after being unwell for a long time.

Many of you would not have known Joe. You would know his name if you are au fait with livestock parasitology, especially liver fluke and associated literature.

At the end of his career, Joe was a research scientist at EMAI. He was a veterinarian and a parasitologist.

He had a stellar career in various organisations and countries. He was one of the people (when he worked for CIBA-GEIGY in Basel) behind ‘Fasinex’ (triclabendazole), the drug of choice for treating liver fluke in animals – and humans.

Joe had a very interesting life, which included escaping from Hungary when it was still under communist rule.  Some of his friends did not make it.

Joe was very generous as well as very knowledgeable. He had a big and positive impact on those who worked with him or otherwise knew him. He was like a father figure for many of us.

As Nick Sangster just said to me in an email:  ” Sad news. The end of an era and an icon”.

More on Joe here if you are interested:

Peter Rolfe informs me  ‘His funeral is on Friday (13/7/18) at Rookwood Cemetery, 2 PM, West Chapel.’


Wed 11 July 2018  Armidale
Addendum 11 July 2018:

Dear Stephen

Thank you for telling me!

Visited dear Joe at his lab with Richard Reinecke.

What a man!!!!!

Please convey my condolences to Joanna.

Father of triclabendazole!!!

What a legacy.

He could breed snails for metacercariae, I was amazed.

Bless you.

Faffa Malan”

Comment from Dr Barry Hosking 12 July:

“Indeed some sad news with Joe Boray’s passing. Faffa summed it nicely, in that Joe was the father of Fasinex (triclabendazole from Ciba-Geigy). Having started my industry career at Ciba 23 years ago I can say that many of my international colleagues would comment if it wasn’t for Joe’s ‘persistence’ with  the company they would never have developed the active ingredient and subsequent products, which have been a godsend for many farmers whose flocks and herds are exposed to liver fluke. Triclabendazole, after more than 30 years of use, is now badly impacted by resistant parasites in some countries but imagine what farming would have been like without it. We clearly have Joe to thank for his foresight in the 1970s on what triclabendazole had to offer.”


Comment from Dr Noel Campbell (retired vet. parasitologist), 13 July 2018:

“Hi Steve

Sad to read of Joe’s passing. A wonderful man from whom I learnt so much from. First met Joe in 1967 or 8, I think. 50 years!! I developed my interest in Fluke in the drought years in Armidale in 64-65 and couldn’t have worked on Fluke without Joe’s help. Thanks for publishing his recent overview papers in wormmail. “